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2Learn offerings

2Learn - B.Tech

We offer syllabus-customised, Active-Learning video courses for B.Tech core curriculum, in Self-Study, and faculty-led Guided-Study modes. Our courses include a unique pedagogy, personalised learning levels, Live LMS analytics, Interactive lessons, and laddered assessments. Designed for success in Sem-Exams, with GATE/SSC-JE foundation program.

2Learn - Diploma in Engineering & Technology

We offer BTE-syllabus mapped courses for Diploma-E&T core subjects. Subject-integrated foundation prep for SSC-JE and other competitive challenges. Courses include Systematic study, personalisation options, interactive videos, quizzes,  gamification, gradebook, certificate, and several other value-adds

2Learn - Applied Sciences

UG and PG curriculums for  Mathematical Science, Electronics Science, Computer Science, and Computer Application domains. Customised to syllabus of select Universities in Hindi-regions. Offerings feature syllabus-relevant and authentic content, high quality teaching, Pass-assurance, Doubt-support, and many unique features included in 2Learn Pedagogy.

Campus Programs

For all offered domains and curriculum:

Active Learning Library: Self-study courses for class-wide shared access. Useful Pre-learn and revisionary-resource for students. Step-up for NEP blended-learning  implementation.

Core2Learn – Core Jobs Readiness Program: Intensive deep-dive subject-bundle targeting core placement-tests and interview-readiness of passing-out students of B.Tech, Diploma and Applied Science domains. Mapped to previous year questions of several recruiters. Self-learn, or faculty-led Guided mode.

Campus Rapid Revision Program: A 4-week blended teaching sprint to refresh core concepts and past-year problem-solving just before final exams. Guaranteed to raise pass-rate and grade levels.

Core Faculty Support Initiative: Addressing the challenge of achieving better cost and academic outcomes, even with unexperienced faculty, using 2Learn’s innovative, feature-rich, Active-Learning, Blended-Teaching system, throughout the Semester.  Optimizes time and cost by half as much. Improve learning outcomes, and exam performance at lower teaching loads

Guided GATE Foundation Program: Semester-syllabus harmonised GATE foundation program. College-faculty led. Active-learning pedagogy with laddered difficulty levels incorporating preparation for semester, competition and job exams.

Core2Learn - Core Jobs Readiness Program

For B.Tech, Diploma, and Applied Sciences domains. Offered in Self-Study mode. and under Campus Programs

Intensive 6-subject, 8-week deep-dive subject-bundle refresher targeting core placement-tests and interview-readiness

Featured B.Tech Universities

Courses are topic-mapped for syllabus of select universities

Private Technical University curriculum can be mapped to PTU courses


Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


Bikaner Technical University, Bikaner, Rajasthan


Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi


Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalya, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.


 Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur, Maharashtra


Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, Rajasthan


Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra


My Technical University,
All India

2Learn Key Features

2Learn programs are full of key features to help students learn better, retain more, solve complex problems. and successfully meet exam challenges.

Differentiated Programs

The Student Programs target individual’s success in Semester, Placement, and key competitive exams. The Campus Programs aim to help B.Tech colleges, Polytechnics, and Science college faculty and adminstrations achieve better academic and cost outcomes.

Customised Curriculum Courses

2Learn courses are topic-mapped to individual course code syllabus of University/BTE subjects. The detailed tabulation of coverage, topics, modules, duration etc can be viewed at our Curriculum Coverage site, and on the respective course pages on this site

Multiple learning levels in each course

Personalising for level of detail, duration, features, and affordability, 2Learn courses include 2 or 3 learning levels. The Essential Learning Level option is for selective, or broader study. Advanced Learning Level targets deeper, high-achivement semester preparation, while the Professional Learning Level is a comprehensive, all-inclusive plan for the ambitious achievers also targeting higher-order problem solving ability, and competitive test prep readiness.

Pass Tak Saath

Unsuccessful Advanced (and Professional) level students meeting the Course Achievement Criteria could get full Plan-Renewal for the same course for an additional semester at no further cost. Check terms to register for PTS

NEP-aligned Flipped Teaching Method

FlipTeach program includes structured yet flexible frameworks for curriculum-mapping, session-scheduling, content, assessments, live classroom interaction, performance monitoring, grading, feedback etc for successful implementation of blended/flipped teaching by colleges. Colleges implementing FT can look forward to substantial improvements in time, cost, and academic outcomes

Live Doubt Clearing Support

Course Doubt Forum and Live Virtual Doubt Sessions are available for select 2Learn courses. When offered, Students can book slots with Subject Matter Experts to discuss and clear identified doubts on completed portions.

Problem Based Learning approach

Each topic carry Knowledge Check Questions, Summary Quiz, Problem Solving Module and Problem Solving Quiz, while most Sections carry GATE Problem Solving Module and GATE Problem Solving Quiz, for adquate and progressive-difficulty focus on problem solving. The StudentQuiz will help you assess your overall readiness. Mini-case studies focussing on Technical, commercial, environmental, ethical, societal considerations will be included in select subjects later.

Mapped to Bloom's Taxonomy of Cognitive domain

2Learn’s LOCF, Pedagogy, and Activities map to Bloom’s Taxonomy levels for level-appropriate instructional design, and evaluation of learning outcomes. ALM and KCQ map to ‘Remember’ Level, Summary Quiz map to ‘Understand’ Level, PSM and PSQ maps to Apply and Analyse level, while GPSM and GPSQ map to Analyse and Evaluate level. StudentQuiz activities, Forum contribution, Workshop, Blog etc map to Evaluate, and Create levels variously.

Active Learning pedagogy

Integrated design for active learner engagement. Implemented using a logical progression of Interactive videos, Knowledge Check Questions, Quiz, Problem based Learning modules, games etc


Learning Outcome Curriculum Framework

2Learn uses a modular course framework, based on the Learning Outcome scaffolding defined in Bloom’s Taxonomy for cognitive domain. Users are preented a set of clearly defined, relevant, and measureable outcomes before commencing modules.

Hinglish Delivery

With instructions, notes, and assessments in English, and teacher explanations in a mix of Hindi and English, the course delivery balances the need for lucid explanation along with comprehensive exposure to technical terminology.

Achievement-based Course Flow Control

Within each topic or section, learning follows a logical, achivement-based path wherein higher-order modules are accessed only upon meeting the completion criteria in preceding modules.

Study Planners

The Essential Study Planner schedules and sequences daily Topic coverage for ALM and SQ activities for the duration allocated by the student for the Preparatory phase.

The Advanced Study Planner follows ‘Deliberate-Practice’, and ‘Spaced-Recall’ study techniques to interleave topic-modules over several days. This ‘Input-Output-Reinforce’ regime is effective for long-term retention and exam success. 

Certificate of Performance

A verifiable, live certificate displays the ongoing completion and competency for the course.

Subject-Integrated competitive exam prep

Subject-integrated foundation programs aim for higher cognitive level preparation for professional/competitive opportunities. SSC-JE readiness foundation is integrated with the Advanced Access Plan facilities, while GATE and allied competitive exam foundation readiness is integrated with Professional Access Plan.

An effective Sem-Exam Prep Plan

An effective exam preparation strategy maps, a) Syllabus (What to study, and NOT to study), b) Sequence (How to study, order, spacing, revision etc) and. c) Schedule (When to study, and how long it will take). 

2Learn’s Curriculum Coverge Plan identifies the Modules – ‘What to Study’, specific for your syllabus. Inbuilt course flow  and layout controls the ‘How to Study’ – sequence and revisions. The Study Planners schedule and track ‘When to study and how long it will take’. Further, Mentor support, Forums, Gradebook, reports and analytics reinforce on ‘How are you doing’. Lastly, Pass Tak Saath facility supports students through unforeseen setbacks till they succeed.

Explore New Horizons

With bundles of bountiful benefits for Students, Colleges and Tutors

Students: Learn by Doing!

Passive learning is history. Active Learning is the future. Build a solid foundation for your professional future with 2Learn courses for B.Tech, Diploma in Engineering & Technology, and Applied Sciences

Whether Self-paced or Guided, Active-learning content and pedagogy accelerates learning, retention, and recollection, far more than passive content. With a 7-step pedagogy, games, study plans, smart reminders, and much more, get ready to engage to a better future. 2Learn curriculum-customised courses are exam-oriented and precisely target your syllabus.


Colleges: Blending is Brilliant!

To become an IIT, Teach as they do.
With FlipTeach, CJRP, RRP, and Active Learning Library

Blending with 2Learn Campus Programs will uplift college students to assume ownership of their learning success. Reduce 50%+ teaching load alongside assured course-completion. Turbo-ready your students with Pre-Teach modules for engaging class interactions. With course games, ActiveQuiz, Programming lab, real-time reports and analytics dashboard, you readily get the pulse of your students and help them win.

Tutors: Create Your own Academy!

FlipTeach method enables tutors to achieve their goal of a robust revenue stream at lower cost, time. and effort, while postively contributing to India’s future engineers.

Current and aspiring teachers have an opportunity to potentially tutor over 2 Mn students each semester. FlipTeach two-teacher system provides lessons, assessments, reports, analytics, schedule, methodology, – A complete system to take the big load off you, so you can focus just on problem-solving and doubt clearing. Reach and teach hundreds of  students across multiple subjects, in-person or online with 2Learn

1000+ Satisfied Enrollments

“I loved the teaching that 2Learn provided. 2Learn’s courses mapped exactly to my university’s syllabus and their quiz and questions helped me ace my semester exams!”

Vivek Anand

CSE, 3rd Year, SPPU, Pune

During Covid my friends and I spent so much time trying to map our syllabus to YTube, it is all so confusing. Nobody seems to cover topics properly, and so many conflicting teaching. Sometimes the YT lessons are taken down. Thanks to A2L we could find all of our topics in one place. And the step by step teachng and modules are just great. I am happy

Rashmi Anand

Electronics 2nd year, GGSIPU

in 2021 our DS teacher left abruptly. There was no one to take classes. Then I enrolled in 2Learn. I could see that our teachers have not been covering the syllabus fully. Many topics were left. some came in exams. I could cover the entire syllabus in 2Learn. Its the foundation for further studies. I am very satisfied with my courses and study.

Apeksha Verma

Electronics 2nd year, BTU

I searched everywhere for videos for specific topic of Math3 syllabus. Even NPTEL. and I was able to find it only on A2L Math3. The SOM and FM coverage is awesome. Teaching style is clear. also Hindi teaching is so much better. Video quality is also good. We could not try the games then, but I will enrol next sem to try them.

Ritu UBoveja,

ME, 2nd year, RTMNU,

BMC is a theory subject, but very important for our career and understanding. The Teacher here was able to explain so clearly that I feel more confident to face exams and interviews. I can say I have a good command on this subject thanks to 2Learn.

Tara Dulichand

CE, 2nd Year, AKTU

2Learn video lessons worked good for us during covid. In other subjects teachers distributed marks but not teaching. But I was able to get 2Learn course and got good grasp of TOM, SOM, Math3. Most questions in exams were from our course. Also in campus tests. I am glad I took 2Learn courses

Ranjan Thakur

CE, 2nd Year, RTU, Kota