A budding enterprise is constantly looking to team with young, dynamic people to further mutual interests. We seek the right talent variously in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Teaching, Content, IT support, Student Support, Faculty coordination, and such other functions, including but not limited to the positions expressly indicated below. Please feel free to send us your resume for immediate or future consideration.

Remunerations will be consistent with Market, Experience and Talent

Roles and Functions

Teaching Faculty

WFL function.
7-10 years of Offline or Online teaching prowess in Coaching or College setup, with a flair to captivate audience attention. All Engineeing or Math Subjects

Digital Marketing Experts

WFL or WFH function
For our Online e-commerce campaigns

Business Evangelists

To represent our business propositions to Institutes, Academic adminstrators, Universities and BTEs etc. across the country.

Subject Matter Experts/Associates

WFL and WFH function.
University, BTE Syllabus mapping, Academic content creation and management, Question Bank creation, Student Doubt responses, Student Interfacing, Faculty coordination etc

IT Systems Support

WFL function.
To manage LMS systems, AWS server farms, Video Streaming setup, Website, and Institutional installations

Business Development

WFH function.
Managers, Executives or Associate roles. To interface with various Campus, to proposition and sell Campus Programs, and then to nurture the ensuring business relationship in the allocated territories 

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