Vdo2Learn The Complete Curriculum Video library platform

Vdo2Learn is a unique engineering-curriculum video library designed for B.Tech, B.E. and Diploma-Engineering colleges and students. Vdo2Learn covers core engineering subjects of ME, CE, CS, EE, EX ( and derivative) branches curated for the curricula of several affiliating State Technical Universities and Board of Technical Education (BTE).

Details on supported Affiliating curricula for B.Tech and Diploma-Technology can be found in the footer. Visit our Curriculum Coverage Plan to check out the coverage for your syllabus.

Vdo2Learn courses are

  • Syllabus-tailored for over 1500 subject-papers, for 26+ affiliating Univs and BTEs, aggregating to over 50,000 hours of video content.
  • Bi-lingual. All instruction is delivered in lucid Hindi-English mix, so that language does not pose a barrier to understanding, given that 60% of India’s students come from rural backgrounds.
  • Based on a unique Learning Outcome Curriculum Framework (LOCF) to support Outcome Based Education initiatives in NEP 2020. Each Topic is broken into several Learning Outcomes. Each Outcome is taught separately in detail. So, all aspects of the Topic are covered in detail, from the basics.
  • Exam-Focused teaching methodology. Courses will be immediately relevant and connect with the students.
  • Taught by some of the best teachers in India, each having over a decade of experience in curricular and competitive teaching. Our objective is to teach simply, ‘From the Basics’.


Parivartan-EduNeev Collaboration

Parivartan Foundation is an NGO has been persevering in the education domain for several years with a mission of Nation Building through Education. EduNeev Solutions and Parivartan Foundation are collaborating to offer Access Plans for V2L courses at low or no charge to a limited number of Engineering Colleges per semester. The Collaboration is at an advanced stage of implementation for 30+ colleges, and expects to serve over 40,000 enrolments shortly. 

Vdo2Learn modules can be accessed at any time using the 2Learn Android-Mobile and Windows-Desktop apps. Curriculum is finely resolved by Units, Sections, Topics, Video Learning Modules and Concept Learning Outcomes, in that progression. Each concept is taught in detail, with exam-orientation.

Full Course Coverage, Now!
Purchase any number of courses for your students. All syllabi are covered. Use as a stand-alone resource or Integrate with your everyday teaching as a Pre-Learn and/or a Revision resource.
With V2L you can be confident of timely syllabus coverage. Great support for young faculty! Put students in charge of their own learning. Set out the template for their lifelong learning habit with Vdo2Learn.
Individual-VPT and Shared-VPT Access Plans
Buy Low cost Individual Video Play Time (IVPT) Access Plans for per-student use, or buy one Shared Video Play Time (SVPT) subscription that can be shared among entire cohort of enrolled students at a fixed cost. Buy more hours as needed.
Covid Proof, Assured Quality
Immediate and ready-made solution to confidently face the Covid challenge. With V2L as a Pre-Class learning resource you will have the freedom to use your sessions to build student competency through Higher Order Thinking Skills, solve past year problems, review industry applications and resolve student doubts and misconceptions.
Tremendous support to Institute, Parents, Students and Faculty towards timely course coverage!
Boost your Image and Prospects
Vdo2Learn will boost any college’s image as a digital-aware, forward-looking institute. It will also help in attracting new admissions and retaining them. V2L will work to uplift the overall academic temper of the college by infusing a unique blend of academic rigor and newness.
Seamless future to Active Learning and NBA Accreditation
Upgrade to the advanced Active-Learning Act2Learn system for Active-Learning pedagogy, ready-made blended instruction platform, outcome-based Curriculum Framework, Integrated LMS, and in-built NBA accreditation support.

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