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Passive Learning is Passe, Active Learning is the future. Exposing students to Outcome-based, Active Learning is one of the mandates assumed by 2Learn, and furthering the same it is offering 2Learn-Active Learning Library across the served domains of B.Tech, Diploma, and Applied Sciences, in phases.

2Learn is a unique semester-exam oriented, active-learning system structured by learning outcomes, interactive lessons, syllabus-customised courses, multi-level assessments, gamified learning, and high quality teaching, foremost targeting conceptual clarity, and therefrom excellence in semester and exit exams, and the resultant success in upcoming professional life.

Active Learning Library is Free!

Select courses offered by 2Learn across its various domains are included in the 2Learn-ALL program for each semester. The details of the courses including the covered syllabus and course components are as available on the respective domain pages.

ALL is a shared-access implementation of the Essential Learning Level.

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2Learn-ALL highlights

  1. Select courses of 2Learn B.Tech, Diploma-Engineering & Technology, and Applied Sciences domains are offered, subject to final feasibility.
  2. College and EduNeev will enter into a multi-year understanding, where EduNeev will offer 2Learn-ALL to college, and in return College will promote 2Learn courses on its website, amongst its students, its affiliates, and other publics as mutually agreed.
  3. Up to 10 paper-codes, with 200 shared-access hours each, configured for Essential Learning Level access will be provisioned per semester. 60 students are assumed nominally per class.
  4.  As and when required College can procure additional VPT hours in Shared-Access mode, or leave it to individual students who may add VPT hours to their personal allocation. Similarly Learning Level upgrade or additional courses are available at a charge.
  5. College will nominate 1 Student Ambassador per course for student interface. SAMBs will get free access and certificate as incentive for their contribution.
  6. Enrolment of all courses, students and faculty shall be done in one-go by EduNeev.
  7. T&C apply

Key Benefits of Active Learning Library

  1. Implementing Colleges will be able to differentiate itself amongst peers in offering this digital content library to its students.
  2. Students get a high-quality, syllabus-customised video content and assessments for their paper codes. While there are random, disorganised video content pieces on the Internet, the comprehensive bundle of syllabus-organised, level-appropriate authentic content, related assessments, progression and performance reports, games, notes etc is scarce, and therefore quite valuable.
  3. In-video comprehension-checking questions are quite relevant to assure students that they are attentive and indeed learning. Summary Quiz Questions, Notes and Outcome review videos per Topic prepare students for upcoming examination challenges. 
  4. For a variety of reasons, frequently students fall out of sync with classroom teaching – be it the pace, sequence, or teaching style. They feel like disconnected ON-LOOKERS to the class proceedings. ALL can change all of that. They can revise missed classes or come prepared for the upcoming topics. Our Advanced Learning Outcome Curriculum Framework enables an objective view of why they should study some outcomes and what they will achieve at the end of it.  Weaker students can specially benefit from this facility.
  5. Once Teachers are confident of 2Learn content, they can use portions to fill in the gaps. Teachars are best placed here to comprehend the utilization in their specific situations.
  6. Teachers can mark the Topics for students to Pre-Learn, and come prepared to the class. It is indeed a pleasure to teach to an audience who understands the speaker, and therefore is able to comprehend more and better.
  7. Once majority of students come prepared, the teacher can move to higher-order probem solving in the class, instead of just teaching the syllabus. They can administer small tests to check students’ understanding, and move to Industry Applications and happenings, and even more interesting things.
  8. ALL can be invaluable as a revisionary tool before exams.

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