Pass Tak Saath Scheme

Organisations prefer members who can self-direct themselves diligently to achieve a committed goal, in an unsupervised setup.

The PTS scheme intends to support and reward Advanced and Professional enrolment level students who commit to the Declared Outcome of Achieving 75% or more grade in the final semester exam in the enrolled subject.  PTS will be an invaluable training to instill that discipline and dedication in pursuit of a Goal.

More details on updated Terms, procedures are available on the PTS Opt-In within the Course. PTS is offered on select courses.  Decision of Management will be final in all respects


Broad Terms

Enrol into the Advanced Enrolment Option. Create and follow the Advanced Study Plan focussing on no more than 2 Topics per day. Complete all course activities within your semester duration with at least 70% final grade.



If despite complying all above terms, should you not clear your semester exam, you will get the same course once over for back re-appearance at no cost. You will also be supported with additonal academic focus from our academic team for re-attempt.


If you are able to complete all modules with 75% grade, you can apply to us for free VPT TopUp upon consumption of Allocated VPT. This is to encourage dedicated students study more and better.

You can get get up to 50% Scholarship in your upcoming semester papers upon achieving PTS goal.