Campus Rapid Revision Program

Campus Rapid Revision Program is a valuable program that College Management and Faculty, keen to improve their EndSem results, can implement for their students, and with a minimum time and effort investment.
Semester Exams are stressful for most students. A sense of inadequacy, urgency, and Anxiety hits most students as Semester Exams approach. Students search various avenues to prepare, repair and revise their subject-readiness to achieve better outcomes in the upcoming semester exams, and often lose precious time meandering around. CRRP is just that right program which will enable students achieve peak performance, be it subject fundamentals, clearing niggling doubts, practice past-year questions or explore higher-order understanding.

Outline Implementation

Students require multiple readings of unfamiliar texts before they can master them. Class-Teaching are but the first step. What students need is an intensive, synchronised revision, with output practice, analysis of past year papers and mock tests to achieve higher outcomes.

2Learn’s CRRP brings the 2-Teacher advantage to students as they enter the final preparatory leg. Using FlipTeach principles, students watch detailed video lessons of 2Learn faculty, solve several questions to reinforce their recall and understanding, and then undergo live mock tests and doubt clearing sessions with the Campus faculty.

Students are allocated syllabus sections by the Campus faculty where they study 2Learn modules – ALMs, SQ, Notes, PSM, and PSQ, in that order, for each topic of the allocated portion, and then join their teacher for live mock-test cum Doubt Session to weed out any doubts, practice past year and fexpected questions,  and get fighting-fit for their exams. Two sessions are planned per subject each week.

CRRP can be implemented by colleges in in-person/face-to-face mode or online mode. Live online sessions may save time and travel, specially close to exams. 2Learn system keeps minute record and reports of student performance for Management purview.

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CRRP offering highlights

  1. Select courses of 2Learn B.Tech, Diploma-Engineering & Technology, and Applied Sciences domains are available under CRRP, subject to final feasibility. Typically, CRRP will be implemented for 2 or 3 core subjects per branch per semester. The program will be implemented over 2-4 weeks, with the entire syllabus sectioned into 6-8 sessions.
  2. Students get a syllabus-customised, exam-oriented, highly relevant, and complete video repository. They also get Study Notes, solved and practice PYQs, and a variety of tools and facilities for an effective preparation for their Semester Exams. Details of the modules, assessments, and capabilities is as available on the Course pages of the respective paper code. 
  3. For each session, students will pre-Learn Active-Learning Modules and attempt in-video assessments, attempt Summary Quiz per Topic, Review and attempt typical exam-questions for each topic, and then come prepared with their doubts and feedback for the sessions. Faculty can track student effort and outcomes from 2Learn reports. During the sessions, Faculty will clarify doubts, pose past year questions, and review performance. The synchronous nature of curriculum coverage, in-class competition, and the ActiveQuiz tool ensures that students are fully prepared to score great grades in their final semester exams. Please refer to the Pedagogy page for more details on modules, sequence and methodology.
  4. Pending syllabus portion can also be completed during this process. Campus Rapid Revision Program is not only a unique differentiator for colleges and management, but also is guaranteed to improve student outcomes and satisfaction many folds. Faculty can ensure best performance from their wards at the minimal effort invested towards doubt-sessions.
  5. College and EduNeev will enter into a multi-year understanding, where EduNeev will offer and implement selected CRRP subjects, configured at Advanced Learning Level, with individual or shared VPT, to the college for usage by its students and faculty, against an agreed price valid for a specific semester. The final scope of the implementation will be detailed to the college. Enrolment of all courses, students and faculty shall be done in bulk by EduNeev. T&C apply

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