Demo Login Options

We hope you have studied the product offerings and found them useful,
and now you are wondering, how to experience the courses?
Here are two demo options:

Option 1: Browser based sample access

  1. Using any browser, click and login using
    a) UN (and PW): studentdemo1
    b. UN (and PW): studentdemo2.
  2. You will be presented with two courses –
    One is common for Computers  and Electronic Science, and the other is common to Civil and Mechanical Engineering.
  3. These are sample courses, with only a few activities, to provide a flavor of the layout, features, functionality etc

Option 2: App based complete access

  1. Go to 2learn top Menu> Self-Study> Affiliation> Branch> Paper code> Product Page.
  2. Register. Select FreePass Enrolment Option. Enter the coupon FreePass to get 2 hours free complete access
  3. You will require Windows-desktop app, or Android-mobile app to navigate the courses. Apps are available on the footer.
  4. Login credentials will be mailed to your email id. The FreePass coupon is valid for 2 course registrations.

We hope you enjoy your demo. Drop us your feedback at or via the whatsapp widget on our site.