Demo Login Options

We hope you have seen our product offerings and found them useful,
and now you are wondering, how to experience the courses?
Here are two demo options:

Option 1: Browse 2 Sample courses

  1. Using any browser, click and login using
    a) UN (and PW): studentdemo1
    b. UN (and PW): studentdemo2.
  2. You will be presented with two courses –
    One is common for Computers  and Electronic Science, and the other is common to Civil and Mechanical Engineering.
  3. These are sample courses, with only a few activities, and where you can get a flavor of the layout, features, functionality etc

Option 2: A specific and complete course

  1. Go to Menu> Self-Study>Your Univ>Your Branch> Your paper code> Product Page. Register into the course. Select FreePass Enrolment Option. Enter the coupon FreePass to get 2 hours free access to all modules of syllabus
  2. Download our Windows-desktop app, or Android-mobile app to access the courses. Apps are available on the footer of any site page.
  3. Login credentials will be mailed to your email id.
  4. The FreePass coupon can be used to register into any 2 courses

We hope you enjoy your demo. Drop us your feedback at or via the whatsapp widget on our site.