Core2Learn General Aptitude
The Core2Learn program for General Aptitude comprises of 3 Units, namely
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra and Geometry
  • Reasoning
A Two-Step program conduct framework is proposed.
Prepare Step
Students will view at least 33 video hours across 41 Topics, excluding Outcome Review videos, in this step. Upon completion, each student will attain 96 Active Learning Outcomes, and attempt 300+ Knowledge Check Questions and 165 Summary Quiz questions to verify this attainment. In addition, they will submit 4 Session Reflection Activity comprising reflections, feedback and questions and doubts for resolution.
Practice Step
Total 4 LiveClass sessions will be scheduled across 3 Units, The duration of each LiveClass session is dependent on the faculty and classroom response. During LiveClass the Faculty will apprise student preparation from the VPT report, and Completion and Gradebook reports. They will resolve student doubts highlighted in the SRA report, review student responses to KCQ and SQQs and then practice likely Interview questions using classroom discussion, debate, and Active Quiz questions.
Session Plan
The detailed session plan, along with the Learning Outcomes, VPT per Outcome and other details are progressively displayed under each Unit. The suggested study time per day is also indicated should the student choose to be guided by it.

Week 1 (Arithmetic - I)

General Aptitude – Week 1
Week Topics : 5
Active Learning Outcomes : 17
Summary Quiz : 5
Video Play Time : ~6 Hours
Suggested Completion : 1 Topic Per Day
Topic Name Video Play Time (min) Learning Outcomes
Number system and Divisibility rules 20 ALO 1.1.1-1: Recall and Classify the Number
30 ALO 1.1.1-2: Recall and apply the rules for Divisibility.
25 ALO 1.1.1-3: Determine HCF and LCM of given numbers.
20 ALO 1.1.1-4: Recall Improtant Algebraic Formulae and check divisibility of Algebraic functions.
Problems on Number system 20 ALO 1.1.2-1: Recall Counting of Number of Trailing Zeros.
25 ALO 1.1.2-2: Determine unit digit using Cyclicity of a number.
15 ALO 1.1.2-3: Recall and apply Remainder theorem.
15 ALO 1.1.2-4: Recall and apply Polynomial theorem.
Successive Percentage Change 30 ALO 1.2.1-1: Recall and apply AB Rule.
20 ALO 1.2.1-2: Recall the concept of Discount and solve problems based on it.
Profit and Loss 10 ALO 1.2.2-1: Recall Profit and Loss Terminologies.
15 ALO 1.2.2-2: Recall Formulae based on Profit and Loss.
30 ALO 1.2.2-3: Solve problems based on Profit and Loss.
Simple Interest and Compound Interest 15 ALO 1.2.3-1: Recall Interest Terminologies.
10 ALO 1.2.3-2: Define and differentiate Simple Interest and Compound Interest.
10 ALO 1.2.3-3: Define Present value under both Simple Interest and Compound Interest.
15 ALO 1.2.3-4: Define Repayment in equal instalments under Compound Interest.

Week 2 (Arithmetic - II)

General Aptitude – Week 2
Week Topics : 7
Active Learning Outcomes : 16
Summary Quiz : 7
Video Play Time : ~7 Hours
Suggested Completion : 2 Topics Per Day
Topic Name Video Play Time (min) Learning Outcomes
Ratio, Proportion, and Variation 15 ALO 1.3.1-1: Define the following terms: Ratio, Proportion, and Variation.
35 ALO 1.3.1-2: Solve problems based on the concept of Ratio, Proportion, and Variation.
Averages 5 ALO 1.3.2-1: Recall Average and Weighted Average.
30 ALO 1.3.2-2: Solve problems based on the concept of Average and Weighted Average.
Mixture and Allegation 15 ALO 1.3.3-1: Recall Mixture and Allegation Method.
20 ALO 1.3.3-2: Solve problems based on the concept of Mixture and Allegation.
Time and Work 30 ALO 1.4.1-1: Recall and apply the concept of Time and Efficiency.
20 ALO 1.4.1-2: Recall and apply the concept of negative Work.
25 ALO 1.4.1-3: Recall and apply the concept of Wages.
25 ALO 1.4.1-4: Recall and apply the concept of Man-day.
Pipes and Cisterns 30 ALO 1.4.2-1: Recall and apply the concept of Pipes and Cisterns.
30 ALO 1.4.2-2: Recall and apply the concept of Pipes and Cisterns with Leakage.
Trains and Cars 30 ALO 1.5.1-1: Recall and apply the concept of Speed and Average Speed.
40 ALO 1.5.1-2: Recall and apply the concept of Relative Speed.
Rivers and Boats 30 ALO 1.5.2-1: Recall and apply the concept of Upstream and Downstream.
20 ALO 1.5.2-2: Recall and apply the concept of Circular Track.

Week 3 (Algebra and Geometry)

General Aptitude – Week 3
Week Topics : 11
Active Learning Outcomes : 27
Summary Quiz : 11
Video Play Time : ~7 Hours
Suggested Completion : 2 Topics Per Day
Topic Name Video Play Time (min) Learning Outcomes
Indices 10 ALO 2.1.1-1: Recall the Rules of Indices.
20 ALO 2.1.1-2: Apply the Rules of Indices to solve questions.
Surds 10 ALO 2.1.2-1: Recall Surd and Rules of Surds.
10 ALO 2.1.2-2: Define the following terms: Rationalization of a Surd, Square root of a Surd, and Comparison of Surds.
20 ALO 2.1.2-3: Apply rules of Surds to solve questions.
Logarithms 10 ALO 2.1.3-1: Recall Logarithm and its properties.
20 ALO 2.1.3-2: Apply the properties of Logarithm and solve questions.
Quadratic Equations 10 ALO 2.2.1-1: Define Quadratic Equation and find its Roots.
10 ALO 2.2.1-2: Recall Sum and Product of Roots of a Quadratic Equation and also identify the Nature of the Roots
30 ALO 2.2.1-3: Determine Roots of a Quadratic Equation and also form a Quadratic equation for the given Roots.
Inequalities 15 ALO 2.2.2-1: Recall Inequalities, Modulus, Symbols, and Notations used.
25 ALO 2.2.2-2: Recall and apply the properties of Modulus.
Arithmetic Progression 10 ALO 2.3.1-1: Recall Arithemtic Progression and its properties.
12 ALO 2.3.1-2: Solve questions based on Arithmetic Progression.
Geometric Progression 10 ALO 2.3.2-1: Recall Geometric Progression and its properties.
12 ALO 2.3.2-2: Solve questions based on Geometric Progression.
Harmonic Progression 5 ALO 2.3.3-1: Recall Harmonic Progression.
10 ALO 2.3.3-2: Recall the following terms: Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, and Harmonic Mean.
15 ALO 2.3.3-3: Solve questions based on HP, AM, GM, and HM.
Venn Diagram 20 ALO 2.4.1-1: Recall Venn Diagram and Its types.
30 ALO 2.4.1-2: Solve Set Theory questions via Venn Diagram.
Permutations and Combinations 15 ALO 2.5.1-1: Recall the following terms: Permutations, Combinations, and Fundamental Principle of Counting.
15 ALO 2.5.1-2: Recall the following terms: Circular Permutation, Partition Rule, and some Key concepts.
30 ALO 2.5.1-3: Solve questions based on Permutations and Combinations.
Probability 10 ALO 2.5.2-1: Recall the term Probability.
20 ALO 2.5.2-2: Recall some Key concepts of Probability.
30 ALO 2.5.2-3: Solve questions based on Probability concepts.

Week 4 (Reasoning)

General Aptitude – Week 4
Week Topics : 15
Active Learning Outcomes : 29
Summary Quiz : 15
Video Play Time : ~13 Hours
Suggested Completion : 3 Topics Per Day
Topic Name Video Play Time (min) Learning Outcomes
Number and Letter Series 10 ALO 3.1.1-1: Recall the following terms: Number Series and its type, and Letter Series.
15 ALO 3.1.1-2: Solve questions based on Number Series and Letter Series.
20 ALO 3.1.1-3: Find Odd Man out from the given alternatives.
Analogies 15 ALO 3.1.2-1: Recall Analogy and its types.
30 ALO 3.1.2-2: Solve questions based on Analogies of various types.
Coding and Decoding 30 ALO 3.2.1-1: Define Coding and Decoding, and solve questions based on various Patterns.
Blood Relations 15 ALO 3.2.2-1: Describe Family Tree diagram and some Coding techniques.
30 ALO 3.2.2-2: Solve questions based on Blood relationships.
Seating Arrangements 20 ALO 3.3.1-1: Recall the following terms: Seating arrangement, Linear arranagement, and Circular arrangement.
40 ALO 3.3.1-2: Solve questions based on Seating arrangement concepts.
Puzzles 30 ALO 3.3.2-1: Recall Puzzles and its types.
40 ALO 3.3.2-2: Solve questions based on various type of Puzzles.
Clocks 20 ALO 3.4.1-1: Recall the concepts of Clock.
30 ALO 3.4.1-2: Solve questions based on the Clock concepts.
Calendar 20 ALO 3.4.2-1: Recall the following terms: Leap and non-leap years, and Counting the number of Odd days
30 ALO 3.4.2-2: Solve questions based on Calendar concepts.
Cubes 15 ALO 3.5.1-1: Recall the concept of Cube and Cube coloring.
30 ALO 3.5.1-2: Solve questions based on Cubes and Cube coloring.
Dices 15 ALO 3.5.2-1: Recall Dice and its types.
30 ALO 3.5.2-2: Solve questions based on Dice concepts.
Direction Sense Test 15 ALO 3.5.3-1: Recall the concepts of Direction Sense Test.
30 ALO 3.5.3-2: Solve questions based on Direction Sense Test concepts.
Pie-Chart 20 ALO 3.6.1-1: Recall various type of Pie-charts.
40 ALO 3.6.1-2: Solve questions based on various type of Pie-charts.
Line Graphs 15 ALO 3.6.2-1: Recall the following terms: Data Interpretation, and Line Graph.
40 ALO 3.6.2-2: Solve questions based on Line Graph concepts.
Table 40 ALO 3.6.3-1: Recall Table and Solve questions based on it.
Bar Diagrams 20 ALO 3.6.4-1: Recall Bar Diagram and its types.
50 ALO 3.6.4-2: Solve questions based on various type of Bar Diagrams.